Bringing Social Media ON TO the Runway


Social media has been in the works for years now. However, in the past few years we have seen the rise of instagram to new extremes, and people are taking advantage of the situation. It seems that people are making careers through these forms of social media. And models are no exception. Young models such as Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid have quickly risen in fame to represent multiple brands and take over the fashion world do to of their social media presence. Does this mean that instagram is the new Page Six? And where shall this growing social media platform take us and the modeling world in the future.

Models in the 90s seemed to reach fame at a much slower rate. They were in the industry for years before getting picked up by large brands and reaching Super Model status. Yes, the internet makes the whole world smaller, but it is more than that. Page six use to be a way of knowing if someone has “made it.” By being on Page Six, the models had received the verification that they were important to the fashion community and society. Though Page Six may not be the most reputable source, it was a way to get your name out there and your presence known. Today it seems that reaching a million instagram followers is like gracing Page Six.

Though, instagram has yet to become the most popular form of media, it is clear that it is among Twitter-vs-Facebook-vs-Instagram-vs-WhatsApp-660x330models. This quickly growing form of social media allows for people to scroll through mindlessly at a greater level than both facebook and twitter. Though it may not have as many active users a month, we are watching it quickly grow and seeing it strongly affect many models careers. Helping them catapult into the Supermodel-dom at a faster speed than they ever expected.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 12.25.23 PMThis year, the fashion world has been talking about the social media presence of models, most specifically on instagram. It all seemed to have started with Cara Delevingne. The British socialite turned model, took the fashion work by storm, not only because of her thick eyebrows, but also because of her social media presence. Over the past year, as Delevingne’s popularity has been on the rise, the fashion world has seen the reintroduction of the need for thick eyebrows for the first time since Brooke Shields. Hosting over 10.3 million followers, Delevingne is the frontrunner when is comes to the social media revolution that is quickly taking over the modeling world. However, this trend was not formed because of an actress or designer, rather it was created by a model.

Delevigne quickly became one of the most followed people on instagram and twitter. With the popularity of Delevigne on instagram, many other models seemed to follow. This year, Forbes wrote an article, “Top Models on Instagram 2014″ As expected, Delevingne came in as the number one model to follow.

Cara Delevigne as seen on Forbes.
Cara Delevingne as seen on Forbes.

The byline of Forbe’s article read, “In today’s modeling game, you’re only as good as how many followers you have on social media.” This was confirmed when both Cara Delevigne and Kendall Jenner walked for all of Karl Lagerfeld’s shows this year, no matter their rookie standing. These “instagram models” have quickly taken over the runways and have been declared super models faster than anyone has been before. But their instagram presence does more than just make them supermodels and coveted by designers around the world, it also allows their followers to feel included in the journey. These models are allowing their followers to sit first row.

Forbes was not the only media outlet to declare the use of social media in the model culture changing the fashion industry. Rather, so did the top fashion magazine in the world, Vogue, when they declared today the “Insta Girl Generation.”

Vogue cover filled with the top instagram followed models.
Vogue cover filled with the top instagram followed models.

Vogue’s “Insta Girls” cover took the fashion world by storm. For it solidified that these social media using models are the top models in fashion society today. By Anna Wintour choosing to put these girls on the cover of Vogue, she was showing the fashion world that the future of fashion is going to be through social media.

The use of social media by models allows us (the average american follower) to see backstage. From posting at photo-shoots, posting magazine spreads early, to posting while getting ready to go onto the runway, social media has allowed us to have an insight into the life of a model. It has even allowed us to get a closer look at the designer. Thanks to Kendall Jenner and Delevingne, they took us backstage for the Chanel show and allowed us to see them working with none other than Karl Lagerfeld.

On March 30th, I talked with the owner of Ikon Models, Cynthia Saldana, to discuss how social media has changed the life of her models. Though no one represented by Ikon is seen on the covers of Vogue or walking for Karl Lagerfeld in Chanel, Ikon models hosts a large roster of girls who are extremely active on social media and see the affect of their social media presence in their careers. In fact, Saldana found evidence of her models social media presence just that day. “Today I worked on a Pepsi ad where many of my models were present. They (the models) find other models from Ikon and they take picture. They just start taking pictures and sending them to me, telling me to post them on social media, as well as them doing so themselves. It just goes around and around because they are proud. It is like a resume for them”

"Social media is an amazing free tool for anyone who wants to use." -Saldana

Saldana takes this idea of instagram being a sort of resume for her models even farther. “I know for one thing, one of the models I was talking to today is getting all these great test shoots. I asked her how she is getting all these great photographers and she said on instagram. That will change everything for her, she will get requested more for jobs and a strong card to leave behind.”

Instagram and twitter have now become our fastest way to hear about the gossip and trends that are emerging on the runway. These models whom Vogue has declared the “Insta girls” have began to dictate fashion week through what they give out to their millions of followers. With their social media use, the focus of magazines is now on the model itself, rather than who is sitting in the front row. Instead, the followers feel as if they are front row with these posts.

rs_634x757-150330075321-634-Adweek-Gigi-20Hadid_CoverGigi Hadid graced Adweek‘s April issue this year with the headline reading, “Millenial Models like Gigi Hadid, Fueled by Social, Are Hitting the Fashion Stratosphere.” This article discusses why instagram has been so important in many models careers. Adweek’s reasoning, “fan favor bold personalities, not just beauty.” Instagram does more than just show a pretty face, but it also shows the spunk that is behind that face. Social media allows for people to have a voice and put it out there. Therefore, people who follow models such as Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevigne, get to hear that specific voice. These models do not need to wait to be interviewed by news outlets for their fans to get to know their voice. Rather they can just post to their instagram. Saldana’s idea that instagram is like a “resume” for models is a way for models to show more than just photos, but their voice and following. A look book can only do so much, by showing the hiring agents that 10 million follow you on instagram, such as Cara Delevigne can, shows them that they are hiring someone with a strong following.

The voice each models expressed on instagram does more than just show an average day in their life. It also shows their quirkiness and some of the perks of being a model. The social media frontrunner of the model revolution, Cara Delevigne, seemed to show this to the extreme for us once again during 2014 Spring Fashion week. Rather than using social media backstage, Delevigne took social media onto the stage, rather onto the runway during the Guinea Pig Giles runway show.

With phone in hand, Delevigne walked the runway creating instagram videos that went live instantly. Rather, than reposting pictures and videos that were that were taken by others during the show, Delevigne took you onto the stage, taking the first runway, selfie video. Instead of followers seeing like it would be to be front row or backstage, they got to feel what it would be like to walk the runway, to physically be in place of the model.

Anna Wintour followed suit with this selfie generation. While Delevigne walked the runway with her phone in hand, Vogue gave Hadid and Jenner selfie sticks during a photo-shoot.

Social media is playing a larger part in fashion than just with preexisting models. Rather, Marc Jacobs have called upon social media to find the models for his spring 2015 advertisement campaign. Through this campaign, he used a combination of the popularity of social media in the fashion world today and the need to connect with this fan base to create his new campaign. Watch the below video to see who these social media winners are.

Marc Jacob’s decision to call on social media to find his models, as well as the examples of the extreme use of social media by models, it is clear the the future of fashion rests on social media. These models are becoming names in themselves, and their free posts on instagram can be free advertisement for companies. The idea of brand ambassadorship has been around for years, yet with these new “insta girls” it seems that the idea of brand ambassadorship is changing. You can no longer exist in the fashion world without social media. However, how will social media change with time. What will be see next? Models walking down the runway with selfie sticks and go pros attached to their head. Or rather, will be see the emergence of social media intertwined into clothing, allowing you to instagram directly from your clothing. Though we have seen many wearable electronics, there has yet to be a successful wearable social media piece. This step that Delevigne took, taking her phone onto her runway, may be a step towards the future combination of fashion and social media, taking it a step father where the two will become inseparable.

Zoolander and Anna Wintour are predicting it now. The selfie stick will be coming into the fashion world. No matter how much people make fun of it, it seems there is no getting rid of this contraption. Just watch this video where Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson talk to Anna Wintour about their walk all while looking into their phone on the selfie stick.

Ben Stiller’s Zoolander character took this even one step forward, not only taking a selfie video on the runway on his OWN phone, rather he stole someone else’s. The comedy Zoolander is a commentary on the fashion world. It is amusing because it emphasizes all that is wrong with being obsessed with one’s body image and turns it into a classic Ben Stiller comedy. However, when Anna Wintour and Vogue worked with the Zoolander cast to make their epic announcement during this years Milan Fashion Week, Stiller really showed what the future of the fashion world is going to be, selfies on selfies on selfies, all that are portrayed through social media. Rather than waiting to get the next issue of your favorite magazine, we are transported ON TO the runway. It is even better than the front row seats that are granted to fashion greats such as Wintour herself.

The video of the “model” Zoolander’s runway selfie was featured on more than just instagram. Rather this video showed the growing popularity of various social media outlets. Originally this video was posted on Snapchat, soon it was everywhere. From Vince to Youtube to Instagram, this video not only showed how important social media is to the life of the model, but also how fast it is growing and how important it is to connect your various social media outlets.

25337DD800000578-0-image-a-13_1422664420798With the ever growing popularity of the selfie, it seems that the selfie will be taking over the future of fashion. Well, that is if the CFDA does not decide to follow the Great Wall of China and band the selfie stick. Though these models may be using selfie sticks while on vacation and hanging with their friends. Let us just hope they do not try and walk the runway with them. So Gigi and Kendall, I would recommend putting away those selfie sticks before you go behind the real camera, not that tiny thing on your camera phone. Let’s keep some things professional and keep the real photography to those with the big camera who are being paid by the publication.


Is Facebook a Force for Good?

Twitter-vs-Facebook-vs-Instagram-vs-WhatsApp-660x330   social-android-apps

Facebook could easily be seen as obsolete today. While it was once the most used form of social media, it is now trumped by many other stronger social media platforms. Thought it strives to be part of society and do good, it is constantly being overlooked because of other platforms.

According to this infographic, Facebook is the most used form of social media. Most used does not mean most important. Twitter and Instagram may have less followers, however they are much newer than Facebook. They are growing each day and doing more good than Facebook is.


In a recent article about getting the news, findings showed that Twitter was by far the best and fastest way to get news. Though Facebook ranked before Instagram, it seems as if Instagram is growing much fast than Facebook and may surpass them soon. When one wants to get news fast, we got to Twitter, we do not look at Facebook. How can this site be doing “good” if it is almost irrelevant.

During an interview with owner of Ikon Models, owner Cynthia Saldana said, “Facebook is not trendy anymore, it seems like it is more about Instagram and twitter. My models are more into take a hundred pictures of themselves posting it anywhere. Snapchat, Instagram”

Saldana found that Facebook does nothing for her models anymore. Though she still has a business page on Facebook, she finds that it is her least frequented form of social media. “Facebook is great for connecting with old friends, yet it seems that in that scene Linkedin is taking over. Soon Facebook will mean nothing.”

I know multiple friends who delete their Facebook around finals time because it does nothing more than cause them to procrastinate.  In doing so, they believe that they are not missing out on anything. During this time, they are still frequented users of twitter and Instagram, where the believe they are the most social and how get the majority of their news. When talking to my friend about if they would feel differently about deleting their twitter and Instagram than deleting their Facebook, they were quick to respond that they would. They say that they receive most of their news on the world via Twitter and that their Instagram is their primary way to stay in touch with friends. To them, Facebook is just a means of “stalking” people and taking away time that could be used towards other things. It is not doing good, but rather a way to waste time.

Facebook is trying to do good, however they are becoming outdated.


The Ever so Present Devil In Prada


Anna Wintour and Fashion are interchangeable. It seems as if there would not be one without the other. Though that may seem rather dramatic, the editor-in-chief behind Vogue, the bible of fashionistas everywhere, has made fashion what it is today. Even those not well-versed in the fashion world can recognize the signature bob and sunglasses as someone important. So what is behind those dark lenses?

Tod7a9516bad26c2c3eb106f7cfa0b385a1ay, Anna Wintour is Editor-in-chief of Vogue,  as well as Creative Director of Condé Nast (the publishing company). It seems as if she was made for the role, coming from a family of journalists. Wintour’s father was the editor of London’s Evening Standard while she was growing up and today her brother is editor of The Guardian.

Like many journalists before her, Wintour’s career moved around a lot. That is, however, until she landed the gig of all times, as Editor-in Chief of Vogue in 1988. Though how she got to where she is today is extremely important and interesting, it seems that image that she upholds is what makes her the most talked about women in fashion.

An example of Wintour’s portrayal is seen through when a former assistant, Lauren Weisberger, portrayed her in the best-selling novel turned into hit movie, Devil Wears Prada. This movie showed Wintour’s harsher side, and the reason why many have nicknamed her “Nuclear Wintour.” The clip below illustrators how her former assistant portrayed her in the novel and movie.

Though Wintour may be looked at as the Devil that wears Prada in this novel and movie, many look to Wintour for help. Wintour is not only known for her keen eye for fashion trends, but she is also known as someone who looks after young designers. She has been attributed in “finding” many designers, such as former Dior designers, John Galliano, and help them grow their career.

So what’s the fastest way to get to know the coveted Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, who never seems to take off her sunglasses and has a fiercely private life that she keeps separate from the office? Well, there is not better way than watching when she was featured in’s signature rapid interview. Through this interview, you get to not only hear Wintour’s answers to many sought after quetsions, but also get to see what it is like to hold a position such as hers, as well as get a sense of who Wintour truly is. SPOILER ALERT: she takes off her sunglasses.

 One such moment in the interview you get to see the true Wintour is when the interviewer asks, “What is your favorite family heirloom?” One would expect that the head of a fashion empire would say some materialistic item, however Wintour’s answer shows us who she truly is, with the answer, “memories.” This private figure’s response to what’s the best vacation spot, “home.”

Image that circulated the web upon rumor that Wintour was retiring.
Image that circulated the web upon rumor that Wintour was retiring.

Though many may look at Wintour as a cold force under that bob and those dark sunglasses, this quick interview shows that she is more. Though she may not be on twitter or instagram herself, Wintour is still a frontrunner in her field. She is Creative Director of one of the most successful publishing houses, as well as is the editor-in-chief for Vogue. Wintour is evidence that having an eye for fashion will never go out of style, even if you are behind the times technologically. Wintour is large and in charged, and will not give in to the times when it comes to technology. She will not take a selfie or upgrade from her flip phone, but she gets work done. Last year when there were rumors that Wintour was about to retire, the social media world went crazy with #saveanna. Even though she may not be present herself on social media, her image and influence is still very much there. So, how do you know she is still relevant and successful in her industry? Well just ask any fashion designer when they’ll know they have made it, it is when Anna Wintour is sitting in the front row of their show.

So why is Anna Wintour always wearing those sunglasses? Well, the answer she gave to is “hiding from you.”

Where art thou Marc?


Better go buy all the Marc by Marc Jacobs you can afford because the brand is to be no more. A Marc Jacobs rep has confirmed that the longtime lower priced brand will no longer be. With an upcoming IPO, they are no longer going to support the brand, but rather consolidate into their larger brand, Marc Jacobs.

marc_jacobsRemember the days when Marc Jacobs was not only designing for Marc by Marc Jacobs and Marc Jacobs, but ALSO Louis Vuitton. First we get the news that he was stepping down as creative director of Louis Vuitton last year, now we need to mourn over the loss of yet another Marc Jacobs generated brand.

You all better grab your wallets and check your credit card statements cause it is currently Bloomingdale’s friends and family. So what better way to mourn the lose of such an amazing brand than buying way too much of it with that extra discount Bloomingdale’s gives out to their loyal customers.

Women across America are crying that they can longer buy this stylish brand, but will rather have to save up for longer to get the luxurious, high-end Marc Jacobs. Though Marc Jacobs says that they will continue to house “some” lower priced items, it seems that the days of Marc Jacobs in many of our lives will soon be over. It seems that the only jewish man I could trust that I am not related to is now letting me down with this big news.

Marc by Marc Jacobs, I will forgive you, but I will never forget you.

Pinterest’s Impact on the Fashion World

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 12.18.07 PM

The fashion world has been taken by storm through the interest of Pinterest. This website mimics bulletin boards, or as I like to refer to them as “inspiration boards.”

Pinterest allows you to organize your interest and “pin” activities, outfits, inspirations, etc. Yet, it does more than just that in the fashion world, it brings everything right to you computer.

Just a few years ago, the looks that were seen during Fashion week would not be released to the public right away.

WWD's homepage during fashion week
WWD’s homepage during fashion week

However with social media today, the second the look walks down the runway, it is EVERYWHERE. As the model rounds the corner, a picture is snapped, that picture is tweeted, then instagramed, then posted on Pinterest. Right away, people can see inspiration for collections from their bedrooms (on their computers), rather than waiting and waiting for Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) and Vogue to publish the best looks of the season.

Pinterest allows you to make an inspiration board of all these fashions and put them together. But Pinterest and other social media platforms does more than make fashion more accessible to the general public.

Pinterest makes it that people can see what is put out on the runway instantly. While some may be live tweeting and instagraming the show, Pinterest posts each look as well as links it to the designer house’s website. Therefore with just a click of the button you are given all the information about that specific look you like, as well as the rest of the collection. Pinterest really changed New York Fashion week with the help of The Wall Street Journal in 2012 when they started a Pinterest board dedicated to New York Mercedes Benz Fashion week. Quickly, everyone else followed in suit. Today most large publications have Pinterest boards for major fashion events, as well as have contributing designers who “guest pin” for a week or so.

Now, publications and designers use Pinterest to not only showcase their collection, but also to take you behind the scenes in a more personal way. They have boards that are dedicated to following the designer around, or seeing fittings, and even taking you in the design studio and walk you through the inspiration board that started the whole collection.

 During Milan Men’s Fashion week this year, Gucci had a problem. Their creative director left and they had to

Gucci's last minute runway
Gucci’s last minute runway

redesign an whole new collection in a week. Though I am not accusing Gucci of stealing anything from anyone, the final designs were definitely still in Gucci’s taste and unique in their own way, there is no doubt that the growing world of social media had a hand in helping with the rushed new collection being such a success. Look at what the new Creative Director who was thrown into the job without a second to breathe had at his fingertips. Everything is literally just a click away.

Though other social media sites help change the fashion industry, Pinterest is still changing the way you see it. Pinterest makes you feel as if you are part of the process of the creation of your favorite fashion brands and collections. Even if you do not work in fashion, Pinterest takes you on the journey that the professionals went on. You start at the inspiration, go to the story board and follow all the way through the execution and showing.




The Lifetime of Shoes

There is always something in your closet that means more to you that others. You yearned for this item for so long. Upon finally receiving this item, your whole closet seems as if it is new. There is a new world of outfits and adventure that are in front of you with this new item. However, the fabric and thread that holds it together is not meant to last a lifetime. Here is a lifetime of shoes.
A new pair of shoes smiles out at out upon opening the box. It is looking out and showing you all the adventures that will come.
A new pair of shoes smiles out at out upon opening the box. It is looking out and showing you all the adventures that will come.


This favorite pair of shoes can be taken anywhere and worn anyway, from dresses to sweats they are always there.



Slowly, that pair of shoes is becoming your signature look.
Slowly, that pair of shoes is becoming your signature look.


Because you can't seem to ever want to take them off, things slowly start to go wrong. The life of your shoes begins to look shorter than expected.
Because you can’t seem to ever want to take them off, things slowly start to go wrong. The life of your shoes begins to look shorter than expected.


What once was new a sacred may not always be safe. A moment of negligence can lead to a lifetime as a dog toy.
What once was new a sacred may not always be safe. A moment of negligence can lead to a lifetime as a dog toy.


Thus, those shoes that were once so precious, are now only yet another pair in a pile of shoes.
Thus, those shoes that were once so precious, are now only yet another pair in a pile of shoes.

News in Satire


Many young adults and young professionals today turn to Satire news programs to get their daily news. Rather than  turn to NBC nightly news or other Prime Time news networks, we turn to The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Is watching a satire news program as educational and worldly as watching a general news program? Or is brining amusement into news helping today’s youth engage in our society on a new level?

Therefore, lets look at the Februrary 11, 2015 episode of The Daily Show.

On February 11th, Jon Steward did his first show after announcing his retirement. Therefore the first section of his show was making fun of himself and his retirement, posting a tweet that where Arby’s tweeted a job offering at Jon Stewart.


However, Stewart did not linger long on this topic. Rather, within a minute he had moved on to talk about LGBT rights in the country today. Most specifically with rights in Montana and gay marriage become legal in Alabama. Showing news clips and actual interview, Stewart pauses the clips to make commentary and to point out how ridiculous some people sound.

The Daily Show talks about issues that are extremely important in our society today. However, it does so with a certain flare, satire commentary. This added satire is not afraid to be liberal, though some may critique on satire news programs being your only source of news being ignorant, watching satire news programs helps enlighten us. Though you probably should watch other forms of news as well, satire shows such as The Daily Show are a great source of news that makes it enjoyable to watch. It is a way of added amusement to your news.

The real questions is: how are we going to do through a political election with The Daily Show or The Colbert Report? The 2016 presidential race shall be interesting without these two satirical news frontrunners.